Allergens and Dietary Restrictions at Bon Me

At Bon Me, we take our customers’ dietary restrictions seriously. For each and every dish that has a dietary restriction specified, before we prepare that meal, we wash our hands, change our gloves, and ensure that the dish does not come in contact with non-sterile surfaces in our kitchen. While we take precautions, we are unable to 100% guarantee that one of our dishes will not have a food allergen present. Our facility uses and prepares wheat, soy, fish, shellfish, eggs, dairy, tree nuts, and peanuts, so please use your best judgment about eating our food if you have a serious food allergy. Please specify any dietary restrictions for items you order, and we will be happy to accommodate them.


  • None of our fillings for main entrees contain any dairy.
  • Our rice bowls, noodle salads, and salads do not contain dairy in their assembly.
  • Sandwiches should be requested with no pate.


  • All of our menu items are made in a kitchen that handles nuts.
  • If you or any member of your party is allergic to nuts, we strongly advise you to take the necessary precautions for your safety.


  • All of our entree bases except our sandwich are naturally vegan. The sandwich contains pork pate and spicy mayonnaise, but can be made vegetarian or vegan.

    • Vegetarian: Order without pate.
    • Vegan: Order without pate and spicy mayo.

    • All of our dressings are vegan friendly except for the Vietnamese Vinaigrette which is made with fish sauce.


  • Our rice bowl, noodle salads, and salads are naturally gluten friendly.*
  • For our rice bowls, order with gluten free soy sauce.
  • For our salad and noodle salads, order our gluten friendly Vietnamese Vinaigrette.
  • For a gluten friendly protein, order our Spice Rubbed Chicken. 

    Gluten Friendly* - indicates no gluten used in the making of the product.


    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at