chef crafted entrees

The curated experience. Each dish was designed by Chef Ali Fong to be a perfect mixture of unique flavors inspired by the culinary traditions of East Asia. Wow your guests with food they won’t soon forget; this is a great option for a group that appreciates sharing delicious food together.

You can order a variety of sharing platters to allow each guest to try a few things– a great option for a group that appreciates sharing great food together. 

bento box

Prefer not to share? Order a variety of premium bento boxes. These perfect packaged meals come with an entree, a chocolate chip sesame cookie, and a roasted squash + edamame salad.


K-Town Throwdown

our most flavorful dish! this “un-fried rice” is a perfect mixture of salty, nutty, sweet and sour. our spicy gochujang-glazed chicken is tossed in a mixture of white rice and roasted sesame oil. kimchi and roasted veggies add a sour and crunchy kick to each bite, while an extra helping of chicken and hard boiled eggs make this a hearty meal.

bento: $17.5
half tray (serves 5): $67
full tray (serves 10): $125

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Sesame Soba Noodles

a chilled noodle salad in which our buckwheat soba noodles and fiery sesame chickpeas star. fresh veggies keep this salad light and refreshing, while the roasted scallions and toasted sesame sauce add a sweet and earthy flavor to contrast the savory chickpeas. both delicious and nutritious!​

bento: $16.5
half tray (serves 5): $60
full tray (serves 10): $110

Bun Bowl

fresh, crunchy, and unique. our reimagined take on a classic vietnamese noodle salad is a fun and light mixture of zesty sauces, herbs, and fresh vegetables tangled up in thin rice noodles. at the center of the dish is our oven roasted chicken topped with crushed peanuts, which pair well with the sweetness of crisp fuji apple slices and our tart and savory sesame vinaigrette drizzle.

bento: $17.5
half tray (serves 5) $67
full tray (serves 10) $125


The Food Truck Fave

inspired by the creations of some of our most loyal customers over the years, this is our take on our own classic rice bowl. rich miso-braised pulled pork gets mixed into brown rice, slathered with spicy peanut and soy sauce, tucked in with a bed of greens and pickled veggies, and covered with a crispy layer of fried shallots. this is comfort food.

bento: $17
half tray (serves 5) $65
full tray (serves 10) $120


our take on the vietnamese banh mi, made on toasted baguettes with sweet and sour pickled carrots, cucumber spears, onions, and cilantro. every bite has a crispy sweetness paired with the deep umami flavor of our char siu pork, the savory and warm paprika tofu, or the sweet heat of our gochujang chicken.

Sandwiches are $12 each


The Namesake

our most popular banh mi, with thick pieces of our savory char siu pork, and housemade spicy mayo and pork liver pâté


The J.P.

our vegetarian banh mi, with oven roasted tofu made in jamaica plain, and a powerfully flavorful rosemary walnut spread


The Korean-Style

our spicy chicken banh mi, with bbq chicken glazed in a hot korean pepper sauce, and an extra helping of spicy mayo

Craft Your Bowl Buffet

This build-it-yourself option is a great way to keep a big group happy. No decisions to fuss over for you or your guests. Everyone assembles their own rice bowl or noodle salad from platters filled with fresh ingredients. Choose this if: you have a big group who wants to assemble their own bowls, picky eaters, or people who just want to mingle while they eat.

$12/person, minimum of 25 people.


brown rice

rice noodles


chinese salt + pepper chicken

char siu bbq pork

roasted paprika tofu


pickled carrots & daikon



shredded carrots


red onions

fresh scallion rings

crispy shallots


toasted sesame

miso lime

spicy peanut

vietnamese vinaigrette

Premium Add-Ons

extra protein, kimchi, chinese broccoli, fiery chickpeas: $3/serving; extra sauce bottles: $8-10


Edamame + Butternut Squash Salad

serves 15 to 20

roasted butternut squash tossed in sesame oil provides a sweet, nutty base to this sharing side, while edamame beans add a pop of protein


Chocolate Chip Sesame Cookies


made with molasses and black sesame seeds

$1.50 each


We serve drinks in gallons for $35/each (serves 10 to 12)

Thai Basil Limeade

limeade infused with thai basil for a refreshing minty taste

Spicy Ginger Lemonade

ginger’s peppery flavor and aroma give this sweet drink a kick

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

rich cold-brewed coffee sweetened with condensed milk

Un-Thai Iced Tea

our take on thai iced tea, brewed in house with two types of tea and four spices, then sweetened with sugar and mixed with cream

Iced Green Tea

an unsweetened iced tea from evy tea, a local maker of cold-brewed teas

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